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HVAC Systems & Solutions recently participated in a Product Showcase BBQ hosted by International Wastewater Systems.  Featured was the latest Sewage SHARC unit that is set to be installed at the Sunshine Coast District Wastewater Treatment Facility in Sechelt, BC

We had an excellent turn out of people who had the opportunity to inspect and learn about the SHARC, have a few burgers and enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

 The Sunshine Coast District Wastewater Treatment Facility
Located in Sechelt, BC, this SHARC system will be used as the primary source for space heating and domestic hot water preparation, as well as the only heat rejection source for the building.

The sewage SHARC unit processes incoming raw sewage from the treatment tank. The processed sewage is pumped through a heat exchanger where heat is extracted from the sewage water and transferred to process water ready to be used. The heat exchanger is specially designed for the purpose of sewage heat recovery. Processed sewage and separated solids are then sent back to the collection tank.

The implementation of the SHARC sewage heat recovery system at the Sunshine Coast District Wastewater Treatment Facility provides the following advantages:

  • Energy savings and primary energy cost reduction
  • Reduction of fossil fuel energy consumption
  • Reduction on CO² and GHG emissions
  • Qualify for LEED points
  • Boiler used only as a top-up source
  • Removed cooling tower and other rooftop equipment
  • Eliminate cooling tower make-up water requirements

For more information on the sewage SHARC, please visit: www.sewageheatrecovery.com