Kwawkiutl Wagalus School, Port Hardy

This installation was completed in the Winter of 2015/ 2016.

Two rooftop HEAT PUMP units were installed for the Gymnasium and for the Classroom side.

Back up electric heaters are also installed in the packaged units.

Units are complete with Outdoor air economizers.

Units are logic controlled and monitored by a DDC controls company in Nanaimo.

One Venmar HRV unit was installed on the rooftop for air exchange.

The weather on Northern Vancouver Island, BC, accommodates the operations of an Air to Air heat pump very well.  As Port Hardy is on the water it has milder temperatures than inland, the moist marine air allows for sensible and latent heat extraction.

This new school boasts an excellent use of local wood to fit in with the natural surroundings. White tail deer run freely through the yard along with the occasional bear and cougar.

Photos Courtesy of Larry Clarke, HVAC Systems
Photos Courtesy of Larry Clarke, HVAC Systems


Surrey City Centre Library

The Surrey Centre Library is an 82,000 sq. ft. Institutional Facility. HVAC Systems and Solutions is proud to have supplied energy efficient equipment to help with building achieve LEED Gold Certification. This building was supplied with custom Air Handling Units, large Commercial Grade Chillers, Computer Room and Air Conditioners and other commercial equipment.

PNW HVAC Systems & Solutions provided a unique solution to the project team with a custom underfloor air distribution system, saving significant ceiling space. To ensure the underfloor system operated as intended PNW HVAC Systems & Solutions supervised the underfloor system install for air leakage, and proper caulking.
The design team saved significant footprint space utilizing FANWALL Technology. FANWALL Technology was utilized for ease or service, energy efficiency, as well as true redundancy. We are pleased to be involved with this project.



UBC Student’s Union Building

UBCThe new facility, has a floor area of 250,000 square feet. The entire building has achieved the highest green building rating in North America – a LEED Platinum standard – with features that include triple glazing, solar-powered cooling, solar water heaters, radiant heating and cooling in floors, green roof technology, water efficient landscaping that uses grey water, natural air ventilation, and a composting facility that processes up to 30 tonnes of organic waste annually.

Our unique Eco-max adsorption chiller producing hot water, tied to the solar panels on the building which produces free heat.

With over 250,000 CFM of Fanwall technology system used throughout the facility, sound, footprint and efficiency were the key factors to this project.