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Product Solutions and Technical Support for Commercial, Industrial and Institutional HVAC

To provide unique solutions and exemplary customer service during all stages of a project; design, sales, shipments, commissioning and continued support.

We specialize in product-based solutions for Healthcare, Commercial, Industrial, Data Centres, Residential and Hotels. We provide guidance to engineers, contractors, property managers, owners and architects. Knowing that energy is a precious resource, HVAC Systems focuses on innovative and energy efficient products. Our experience allows us to select products that meet the industry demands while planning for the needs of the future.

We pride ourselves as leaders in the industry by providing innovative products and solutions to our customers.  We do this by integrating our core products into the design of each project.

HE-Z Series Air Handler

The HE-Z Series is a small-duct, high-velocity air delivery system that can be used to provide heating, cooling, filtration, ventilation, humidification and dehumidification to homes, offices, and industrial/commercial buildings. The Pressure Sensing Circuit Board (PSB) will sense the pressure in the system and change the power input to the motor through the VFD to maintain constant airflow from open vents. Zoning is simple, as the VDC signal will vary dependent on system load, adjusting power input based on demand, improving energy efficiency.  Eliminating hot and cold spots is not the only benefit of a Zoned Hi-Velocity System.  Homeowners will also see an improvement in overall comfort. The innovative HE-Z fan coil and unique cooling module technology help to create a healthier and more enjoyable indoor living environment for the end-user, while saving money on monthly operating costs. The Hi-Velocity System can remove up to 30 percent more moisture from the air than conventional systems, leaving a constant and comfortable temperature on the skin surface.

HE-Z Series Zoning Package

The HE-Z Series Zoning package is available on our HE-Z Series Air Handlers. The Hi-Velocity HE-Z Series can be optioned with two, three or four zones, factory installed in each air handler. Pre-installed zone panel, power open/close dampers and actuators are already built-in to the supply outlets, minimizing installation time. The HE-Z Zoning package is the pinnacle in energy efficiency, indoor air quality and climate control.


HVAC Systems is excited to have Hi-Velocity as part of our HVAC equipment solution offering in BC and Alberta.

Energy Saving Products Ltd. is a proud Canadian manufacturer of heating, air conditioning and air purification products.  Family owned and operated since 1983, ESP has been manufacturing its flagship product, the Hi-Velocity System, for over 35 years.  The Hi-Velocity System is a small duct system that utilizes the Venturi Principal to deliver air into conditioned space providing optimum levels of indoor air quality, thermal comfort and energy efficiency.  With lower lead times and unmatched customer support, Energy Saving Products Ltd. continues to thrive as an innovative leader in the SDHV manufacturing sector.

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Cube Series Air Handler

The new Cube Series Air Handler is the latest product in the Hi-Velocity Systems equipment line. Using variable speed backward curved fan technology, Energy Saving Products is excited to offer a compact space heater with all of the flexibility and superior air delivery of the Hi-Velocity HE-Z Series.  Available in 2 sizes, the Cube is multi-positional to suit any mechanical location.

HEPS Air Purification System

IAQ is integral to the comfort and health of a building’s occupants. The Hi-Velocity Air Purification System (HE PS) was designed to complement the benefits of our heating and cooling system. It contains three powerful technologies. First, an electrostatic MERV-11 filter removes allergens. Photo-catalytic oxidation is then used to destroy toxic chemicals and eliminate odors. Finally, ultraviolet light is used to kill germs on contact. The result is clean, purified air for your client’s home or office.