Whistler Housing Authority

Location: Whistler, BC

Client: Whistler Housing Authority

Mechanical Engineer: Pinchin Ltd.

WHA, 1020 Legacy Way, Whistler, BC is collaborating with Integra Architecture on an employee housing project committed to environmentally sensitive practices.

The low-rise apartment project is set to meet Passive House standard while exceeding the Resort Municipality of Whistler’s sustainability requirements for wood frame. The development consists of 24 rental apartment units to be operated by the Whistler Housing Authority.

HVAC Systems is proud to be part of this project. A key part of HVAC System’s design was the use of Passive House Certified ERV (Sensible and Latent Recovery) Units – Swegon GOLD Series. The single unit, in conjunction with post heating and cooling, provides the buildings challenging air filtration and energy targets.

Whistler Housing Authority

To meet WHA’s requirement for individual suite control, we utilized Swegon REACT Dampers in the design.  The airflow control system – REACT was able to provide each suite with normal mode, boost mode, night setback mode, and economizer mode.

Another challenge was to utilize the district energy, which we achieved by using Colmac Waterheat (CxW) technology.  These heat pump water heaters meet building domestic hot water needs without the need for fossil fuels. These modular CxW units can be arranged in banks to meet any capacity requirement.  Their PLC interconnectivity allows multiple units to act as a single machine.  All CxW models will fit through a standard 36″ door, making them ideal for retrofits and high-rise applications. They are also stackable, doubling the capacity of footprint.